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Creative Manifesting

The art of creating all that you desire.

- with conscious creation coach Anisa Aven

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The Law of Attraction is at your service. Right now, you have the mind power within to attract your highest desires. The power of intention is simply the process of applying the law of attraction and the law of detachment while simultaneously visualizing and focusing on what you desire.

My intention is to support you in learning how to apply the Laws of the Universe in order to deliberately attract and consciously create a life of fulfillment. Be forewarned: living the life you've always dreamed of can be truly addictive!

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Law of Attraction: How to Make it Work Articles! Including... Attract a Mate, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) & LOA (Law of Attraction) working together, Universal Laws, The Power of the Mind and Manifesting Your Dreams articles

Creative Manifesting Newsletter Archives, Law of Attraction and Emotional Freedom Technique Articles

How do I find my life's mission? How do I find fulfillment?

article excerpt:

Fulfillment: meaning accomplishment, achievement, realization, or completion. The word implies an ending of sorts, and therefore the implication that one "finds fulfillment" is inaccurate at best. Fulfillment comes from a sense of "being," not from an ending. There are 3 important elements (that can be taken in steps) to live a life of fulfillment: 1) Want Fearlessly 2) Act Courageously 3) Be willing Desiring to know your life purpose is important...

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God's will, Divine will, Meant to be ... Do we really have a say in our destiny or is everything just 'God's will?'

article excerpt:

No! There is not some outside force, doctrine, or prearranged destiny asserting itself upon us. However, in our knowledge that we are unlimited, and fully capable of creating our own reality with our thoughts, it's easy to get caught up in our desires and kick ourselves for NOT creating more on target. This is terribly counterproductive. When we get attached to what we want, we lose our power. By surrendering to what is meant to be, we play a game with our subconscious...

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Law of Attraction Mind-Storming Processes

article excerpt:

When we are unclear about our goals, ideas, fears, limiting beliefs, or the steps to accomplish a goal, we tend to procrastinate, spin our wheels on unproductive, unimportant tasks, and then wonder why our goals seem so far out of reach. If a ''human'' confused mind takes no action then what do you think the Universal Mind does? … it constantly and systematically responds to our most dominant emotional thoughts and beliefs at any given moment … it does not judge our attention but simply responds…

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