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Creative Manifesting

The art of creating all that you desire.

- with conscious creation coach Anisa Aven

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Anisa Aven

Founder and Chief
Executive Officer


Anisa Aven Bio
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To contact Anisa Aven for an interview,
please call our office: 281.893.0475 or
email Anisa@CreataVision.com

For matters of urgent attention,
please contact Anisa's assistant,
Carolyn, at 832.478.1469

Anisa Aven founded TurnKey Coaching Solutions because of her desire to see the benefits of professional and personal coaching experienced by more than just C-level executives and the wealthy.  She has devoted herself to the study of human potential, the principles of conscious success, and the evolution of the social entrepreneur.

“Coaching is having a profound impact on every life and business it touches.  It’s incredibly rewarding to know that through TurnKey the opportunity to experience the life-changing benefits of coaching is both easily accessible and affordable.  And, if that weren’t reason enough to bounce out of bed every morning, I’m proud to say that we are supporting many talented coaches in fulfilling their desire for regular and dependable income.  A part of my life purpose and passion has been fulfilled by TurnKey’s success.”  - Anisa Aven


Law of Attraction (LOA) expert

Anisa has been called “one of the world’s top manifestation experts”.  She has been featured, translated, and published internationally—so much so that a Google search on her yields more than 18,300 hits!

She is one of the 24 experts featured in ManifestLife.com’s Conversations with the World’s Top Manifestation Mentors.  In the recently released Life Transformation Project, she is one of 12 teachers with the title “world’s top life transformation experts”.  Anisa is a contributing expert within Bob Doyle’s Wealth Beyond Reason program.  Bob is one of the featured experts within The Secret movie.

As an expert in the field of personal, professional and spiritual development, she is one of the few experts in high demand by dozens of best-selling authors in their book launch campaigns.  Some of these renowned authors include 

  • Wayne Dyer (Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling)
  • Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks (Spirit Centered Relationships)
  • Sandra Anne Taylor (Quantum Success)
  • Best-selling author Peggy McColl’s new book (Your Destiny Switch)
  • Self-made millionaire Larry Crane (The Abundance Course)



Anisa is also a successful author in her own right.  She has a gift for communicating the power offered in the Law of Attraction (LOA).  “Quick Manifesting Morsels”, Anisa’s weekly online eZine”, has more than 20,000 subscribers from around the world.

She is the author of numerous eCourses, audio programs and eBooks published by CreataVision Enterprises.  Some of her works include:  

  • Navigate Your Fate, Create a Soul Mate—a workbook and audio series that offers “A personal formula for creating on purpose and commanding the 10 steps to deliberately attract your ideal mate”
  • Manifesting Prosperity—a 10-week downloadable eCourse including an audio CD
  • 17 Seconds to a Celebrated Life and The Secrets to Manifesting Your Dream —recorded seminars (inspired by the works of Abraham through Jerry & Esther Hicks) that provide an experiential demonstration of how to apply the Law of Attraction—fast and easy
  • Attract a Mate (or ReCreate the one you have)…with the Power of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and LOA
  • Get Fit & Fabulous with EFT & LOA
  • The Vibration Elevation Formulas
  • How to Re-create the Relationship You Have Into the Love You Want 
  • How to Teach Your Children the Power of Their Minds (soon to be released)


Radio Talk Show Guest

Anisa is a frequent guest on radio talk shows, previously serving as the Law of Attraction Expert and the Relationship Expert for Wisdom Radio, the Scott Cluthe Show, and Wisdom Today Show, all broadcast on SIRIUS satellite radio.  She continues to entertain radio audiences around the world as she is often invited to appear as the guest expert covering relationships or law of attraction. 



Utilizing her stand-up comedy and theatrical background, Anisa is a compelling, energetic and inspirational speaker. Popular topics range from corporate management and business topics to life purpose and individual passion.  Here are just a few samples. 

Corporate Topics
Ignite their Passions! 
Inspiring average to good employees to become visionary leaders

Revolutionary “But, that’s not normal!” Management
For Radical times – creating Renaissance Employees, Motivated Clients and Inspired Customers

Business Topic
The New Laws of Leadership for the Conscious Entrepreneur
Social and Spiritual Entrepreneurs: Creating Prosperity, Success and Social Change all at the same time.

Creative Principles of Entrepreneurial Success 
How to Gain and Maintain a Competitive Edge

Personal Development Topics
Ancient Principles and Secret Laws! 
How to Create a Celebrated Life with the Power of the Mind.

Living the Song Your Soul Sings
Creating and Living Life on Purpose, With a Passion



Anisa has been an entrepreneur from the tender age of 10 when she opened her first business—a snack bar—in her father’s antique auction house. She has had many adventures in the world of business, including marketing, sales, talent management and even children’s videos. She founded Classic Talent Management in 1989, launched a small business consulting company in 1992, created NetVision Marketing in 2000, participated in the rapid expansion of the new entry True.com in 2004, and then later that year launched TurnKey Coaching Solutions.  She continues to enjoy coaching and consulting a select group of private clients as well as her management responsibilities for TurnKey. 


On a Personal Note

Anisa’s favorite role is having the honor of being Parker and Ashlyn’s mother and partner to “her honey”, Quentin.  Committed to her family, Anisa is able to run a company and still have time to coach their little league T-ball teams.  

In pursuit of her personal passions, Anisa co-founded the only democratic, free school in Texas (the Brazos Valley Sudbury School) and considers herself an activist for children’s rights.

Anisa is an avid athlete who continues to compete and train in such endurance events as marathons and long distance biking.  Her latest adventure was completing the Challenge Course in the MS150, a Multiple Sclerosis fundraising bike ride from Houston to Austin, Texas.  The great outdoors calls Anisa and her family as they spend their recreational time boating, water skiing, biking, and traveling.  And, just for fun, Anisa continues to attend more personal and professional growth seminars because as she puts it, “the growing never ends.”

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