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Creative Manifesting

The art of creating all that you desire.

- with conscious creation coach Anisa Aven

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How to Lose Weight - Get Fit - Love your body - with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and LOA (Law of Attraction) for Weight Loss

EFT Weight Loss To Get Fit And Fabulous
Discover the 3-minute Process to Eliminating Weight Loss Failure Guaranteed to Remove the Excuses, the Self-Doubt and the Personal Shame that Has Prevented Your Previous Success.

All Digital, self-paced, e-Coaching Program built around the incredible tools of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and LOA (the Law of Attraction) for losing weight, getting fit, and achieving your optimal health and fitness goals.

ATTENTION: If you know and believe in the law of attraction and your ability to use the power of your mind to manifest your dreams but are frustrated with your inability to lose weight, then this 'How to use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to lose weight program" may be exactly what you've been searching for.

The best way for me to explain this program is to answer your questions right up front. You'll know pretty quick whether or not it's right for you. And, I encourage you to follow your intuition - (even if it's 'not' for you!)



Why do I need this program?

I'm not going to say you 'need' this program, because if you are happy with yourself, you love your body and you are content with your relationship to food, your clothes, and your life, then all is well. As a Divine Child of God, I know you are perfect exactly as you are.

Unfortunately, many reading these words will not believe this to be true. Many reading these words will think, 'but I'm not happy with my body." If this is you, then this program will help you to believe; help you to believe in your potential, your beauty, and your ability to create your ideal health and weight. This belief is the first step toward harnessing the power of self-esteem, the law of attraction and the inspired action required to achieve your weight-loss goals.

What makes this "How to use EFT (& the law of attraction) for Weight Loss" Program better than another?

1) It gets consistent results! Clients report great satisfaction with their weight-loss goals and consistently report long-term success.

2) Happiness! Every participant that has ever committed fully has said, "I'm happier with my body and feel better about myself than I ever imagined possible." The value of this happiness is immeasurable compared to living in conflict with your body.

3) It's all-inclusive! The experts include two EFT specialists, one hypnotherapist, one nutritionist and one physical fitness professional.

4) It goes deep! The program has been built for REAL people, with REAL limiting beliefs about their ability to lose weight and be fit. The input from the participants has made this program's depth unrivaled.

5) It's guaranteed! Use the program and be satisfied with your results or get your money back.

6) Easy to follow! The workbook, worksheets, audios, and step-by-step instructions make it easy to follow through with your commitment.

This program is exceptional. I've personally used the EFT, LOA, and other tools inside this program to achieve my physical fitness goals as well as witnessing countless others achieve happiness and the fitness results they want too.

Why are you an expert?

I've lived it. From personal experience, I knew that I did not have all the answers alone. Thus, I've assembled the most incredible team of health, weight-loss, and fitness experts to support you in making the leap.

As for the law of attraction and EFT, I've been pursuing the art and craft of visualizations, affirmations, and conscious creation for more than twenty years. I have experienced both the extreme flows of well-being and the bankrupt emotional coffers of total failure. When I combined EFT with my LOA efforts, my life changed. I have finally landed in this place of knowing what I didn't know and being able to successfully create consistent results and happiness in all aspects of my life (even when things get turned upside down - which they do!) Using the power of my mind and EFT, I've healed my children, attracted success and prosperity, and since building this program, I've used EFT for weight loss and my ideal health and fitness. I'm proud to say, "I've been there.' The fact that I've walked in your shoes means the "Success Bridge" from where you are to where you want to be is right here and I can help you see it and claim it.

The experts:


What will I get out of this program?

This program is for you, if you want to...
Improve your eating habits
Feel confident choosing and preparing better food
Experience a lasting increase in energy and vitality
Eliminate cravings and binges
Clear up allergies and skin irritations
Alleviate digestive disorders and chronic conditions
Feel better in your body and achieve your ideal weight Lose weight using the power of your mind Overcome eating disorders and the mental issues that affect your relationship to food
Experience an increase in overall satisfaction with your life

First, you will be amazed at how happy you feel after just the first couple of sessions. This is critical to your long-term success and you will always have this to come back to when you feel 'off'.

Next, you'll discover the blocks and reasons for failure. Remember, we cannot eliminate a road-block if we are unaware of its existence.

Finally, you will have a step-by-step plan for ultimately breaking free of the emotional barriers, limiting beliefs, and negative thought patterns that have held you back from success.

The result from this work has proven to be nothing short of transformational and life-changing. Oh… and the beautiful side-benefit is that you can now achieve your ideal health and wellness, including weight-loss!

What will using this method do for me?

The tools found within this program provide a means to eliminate ALL success roadblocks and ALL reasons for failure in ALL areas of your life. When you choose to engage in this program for weight-loss, not only will you see directly related results but you'll be pleasantly surprised to find the other areas of your life (your love life, career, purpose, prosperity, etc.) begin shifting and coming into greater alignment as well. A rounding out of total wellness across all areas of life is the phenomenon that many begin to experience. Can we say, "Yes, I'll take that!!"

But, It Sounds Too Good to be true?!?

Yes, I agree sometimes it feels too good to be true too. Just last week I used EFT and LOA together and the results were nothing short of either 'impossible' or 'miraculous'. I confess, I'm not sure which. My son, Parker, is 12 and on the middle-school football team. The emergency room doctor said, "his elbow is broken and he'll need to see an orthopedic surgeon." Sigh… this is the second injury in 9 months of this magnitude!.

That's it - I was at my end! I took off my passive-response gloves, and immersed myself in full-on EFT and LOA rounds of intentional healing. Within a few hours, he was taking off the wrap, moving his arm, and said, "Mom, I feel fine!" For the sake of certainty, we took the x-rays to be reviewed and sure enough we were told, "There's nothing on this x-ray to be concerned about. It must have just been bruised."

There's no way for me to know if my 'work' created the change and healing, or if there was actually nothing wrong in the first place. To me, it doesn't matter. I've now used these techniques to manifest more miracles than I'll ever be able to discount. This type of crazy, unexplainable experience is a normal occurrence for those of us using these techniques.

Even if this sounds too good to be true… don't do the program for the 'side-benefits', choose to engage because you WANT to DO something intentional, extraordinary, and consistent to achieve your goals NOW.

IF all the wonderful things I describe here about 'more peace and happiness in all areas' occur then that'll be just one more reason to say, "Hey, I'm so proud of myself for taking action and stepping up to the plate in spite of my doubts."

The real reason to choose to engage is to show yourself that you KNOW you are worth it and the time is now. If you know you have limiting beliefs about your body, your ability to lose weight, then join me in getting rid of them, now!

What do I get when I register for the full program?

Ready for the full-program now? Register and receive immediate, digital access:

to more than 90 downloads, including recorded Group Coaching, EFT Sessions, EFT Quick-Attacks, hypnosis sessions, healthy living and eating tutorials, a 50-page step-by-step workbook, EFT log, weekly emails, special challenge 'borrowing benefits' tap-along recordings and more...

Take a peek at just the FIRST PAGE of our NEW dashboard:
Emotional Freedom Technique for Weight Loss (with the Law of Attraction)
If you are ready to eliminate emotional eating triggers, start loving to exercise, and finally make peace with your beautiful body now – then this program has been designed with YOU in mind.

What you'll learn:

- How to eliminate any and all self-sabotaging patterns of emotional eating, feel better about yourself immediately and set yourself on the road for permanent health and fitness.

- What to do about the pressure you feel to look or feel a certain way and why this sabotages your fitness success (and how to make the pressure go away forever.)

- Why the mirror can be your worst enemy or your best friend and how to use the Law of Attraction to literally carve out the new body you want.

- How to leverage the influence of accountability. (You know – how we feel when we tell someone our goals and then have to show up every week to either say, “YES!” I did it or “NO! I didn't.”)

- How to recognize and eliminate the past wounds that serve as protectors of your 'fat' and secondary gains to 'not losing weight.'

This ONE awareness and tool alone changed my entire life!

- Susan, G. class participant that lost 40 pounds in 90 days and has kept it off for more than two years.

- How to harness the power of “where two or more are gathered' to achieve your goals and apply the law of attraction in a group setting.

- How to CREATE magnetically attractive weekly Living Vision sessions to create powerful visions of:

  •   Loving to exercise.
  • Eating healthy and enjoying it
  • Managing our schedule so that we remain focused and committed to our goals
  • Preparing, planning and organizing our meals and eating plans ahead of time to ensure success.
  • Being our ideal body weight and height proportion.
  • Loving our bodies right now, as we are!
  • Experiencing extreme confidence and certainty that we have the ability to see our goals to completion.
  • How to improve your body image, apply the law of attraction and melt away additional fat.

- The grand ideas required to learn how to 'think yourself thin' and 'still eat anything you want, for the rest of your life' (and, how to EFT it if you don't have those beliefs just yet!)

I decided to try this tool on my vacation. I went to the Mediterranean and ate like a Queen! When I returned home, I could not believe that I actually lost 10 pounds! I'm onto something now and want to continue learning how to 'think myself thin' for the rest of my life. Thank you so much! - Junie B. Tujunga, CA.

- and so much more....

A little about 'my story' from Anisa Aven

My mindset was sabotaging my health and fitness goals! I had unwittingly bought-in to the mass-consciousness view of slowed metabolism after the age of ‘30’ and additional self-imposed fears were contaminating my mental-attraction abilities.

Fears such as, “I’ll never be able to lose my ‘baby’ weight”, “This tummy-pudge is ‘genetic”, “My body won’t let me be my optimal weight again”, and “I can’t go to a hot-tub party, I’ll have to put on a swimsuit!” actually negatively inspired me to sabotage every success with patterns of emotional eating and inconsistent exercise.

To add insult to injury, --- knowing that my poor self-image was actually the cause of my cycle of success and failure, my binge-eating and yo-yo dieting and my unhealthy exercise habits was driving me crazy as I began to feel like such a fraud!

As many of you know, in 2005 I trained and ran a marathon. I did what I do when I’ve had enough!!! I chose the most extreme thing I could think of to get fit – a 6 month, grueling running program and the finale of a 26.2 mile run through the Alaskan mountains.  Then, I worked with the best health and fitness nutritionist in Houston, Marian Bell, to stay on track and to have my weekly meals delivered.

I thought that this would surely get me out of my self-sabotaging funk, force me to eat right, lose the weight and set me up for long-term success.

I completed the marathon and felt great, having lost 24 lbs.  I went to my family water-ski vacation feeling fit and fabulous.  However, I was still 8 pounds over my ideal weight and still self-conscious in my swim suit!  This should have been my red-flag. Because no matter how much I do physically, if I did not get my ‘mind right’ then I’d never be able to maintain my physical goals. 

We know, as law of attraction students, the MIND is far more powerful than any physical action we can ever take. 

I can run all day, every day, and in the end, if I think I’m fat – I still will be! I can eat all the right things in all the right quantities, and again, if I think I'm just getting fatter, I will be!

It was time for me to walk my own talk and clear out my mental clutter about health, fitness, and beauty!

It was time to change my thoughts and beliefs around my body image and support others who are battling the 'wicked-low-self-esteeem-mind' too!

When we release the fears, doubts, emotional-eating habits and self-sabotaging patterns by first and foremost purifying our thoughts about ourselves, then we can not only eat more of the foods we love and still lose the weight but we’ll also love ourselves enough to achieve what we really want – health, fitness, and a sense of peace about being whole, worthy and deserving; Divinely Perfect exactly as we are!

Please join me!  It will be an intense, exciting and forever rewarding ride!

Anisa Aven
Anisa Aven

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An EFT and LOA Success Story:

Gwen lost 30 pounds and is looking so radiantly healthy. Gwen participated in back to back Get Fit and Fabulous with the Power of EFT and LOA programs and has created awesome progress. I saw her the other day and just had to share with everyone how happy and beautiful she looks! You can just see how confident and strong she has become as a result of 'doing the work'.

She said to me, "I'm just amazed at how powerful this EFT stuff is! It's really sooooo easy and I've cleared so much more than 'my weight issues'. I feel like I've been re-birthed." She says she has more weight to go but has complete faith that she is being Divinely guided to successful completion and will continue doing her EFT and LOA every day.

Congratulations, Gwen. We are so proud of you.

Some additional victories that have been reported:

  • "I lost 25 pounds."
  • "I lost 10 pounds."
  • "I lost 20 pounds, gained 3 back, but then lost 4 again. I was able to
    use EFT to stop the sabotage and really feel on track."
  • "I've completely released all coke and coffee addictions."
  • "I've kicked my crispy cream' cravings."
  • "I just don't eat as much."
  • "Food isn't as important to me anymore."
  • "I'm actually enjoying making healthier choices and it's easier."
  • "I'm accepting myself and loving myself more."
  • "I'm working out almost every day and feel like this time I'll

I am so very proud of every one that has participated in the Get Fit and Fabulous program. The most impressive reports are coming from the truth that participants are simply finding it easier to love and accept themselves as they are. This is an essential step along the path to personal fulfillment and an absolutely critical element of using the power of our minds to manifest success.

As one participant said, "The feeling of 'being at peace' with who I am - as I am right now - has been a Godsend. Yes, I'm grateful that I'm fitting into my 'skinny clothes' again too, but I'm most thankful for the sense of loving appreciation that I'm feeling towards myself for the first time in my life" - Anne


Currently available for immediate download:

  • Eliminating Our Addiction to …. (Chocolate, potato chips, caffeine, soda-pop, etc. Bring a sample of your addiction to the class.)
  • Releasing the Frustration of Past Failures.
  • Eliminating Late Night Binging.
  • Increase Metabolism with Imagery and EFT and Change your body's set point.
  • Eliminate the Feeling of Deprivation and the Belief that I can't be satisfied with healthy foods.
  • Accept the Belief that it's not what we eat that matters. Accept the belief that you can eat whatever you want and either remain thin and/or eliminate your extra weight as well.
  • Four Hypnosis Sessions: Seeing yourself thin, Increasing Your Metabolism, Eating all the right foods, Loving your Body, Exercising Easily.
  • Eliminating Our Resistance to Exercising
  • What to do when it's not safe to be attractive (an EFT special session.)
  • An "I'm already fit and fabulous" Living Vision example
  • Successes are shared and challenges are ferreted out to figure out what to do when we feel disappointed in our progress.
  • What to do when we're just too tired to...
  • Overcoming Challenges
  • Discover the Subconscious Pay-offs to NOT Losing Weight & Slowing Down in Order to Increase Metabolism
  • Dealing with Discouragement: When if feels like you'll be ‘fighting this battle' forever!
  • Working with Fear of Self Sabotage and Elevating Quality of Food
  • Choosing to Eat to the Point of Energy and Fear of Being Hungry
  • ...and more....

Upcoming 6 bonus LIVE sessions with Anisa Aven and Diane Williams include:

  • Week 1 – The Magical Formula to a Beautiful and Strong Body: How exercise is a necessary component to Re-Shaping and Re-creating the Body You Desire.
  • Week 2 - Evolution of Fitness: What we can learn from history and what we must choose to unlearn to recreate a fit lifestyle, a fit body.
  • Week 3 – The Shrinkage Factor I: Heavy Breathing and Heart Pumping Basics to Burn Calories
  • Week 4 – The Shrinkage Factor II: Resistance is NOT futile! The non-invasive way to smooth, firm thighs and hips
  • Week 5 – Fitness Tools and Design Plan for Fitness Success
  • Week 6 – You Mean I Can Stretch My Way Fit? Increasing Flexibility to Help with your Body Design Plan

Manifest a Vision divider

  • The EFT & LOA sessions are dedicated to the EFT (Emotional Freedom) and LOA (Law of Attraction) work of eliminating our emotional eating patterns, our limiting and negative self-image thoughts and any idea, belief, or pattern of resistance that prevents us from obtaining our ideal health, weight and fitness goals.
  • The Hypnosis Sessions: relax and enjoy master hypnotherapist, Kathryn Edler as you guide your subconscious mind through the benefits of obtaining your ideal health and weight.
  • The Health and Wellness sessions: Marian Bell is a sought after nutritionist. Her materials make eating healthy and making healthy choices more simple and her simple phrase, 'there's a reason the word diet begins with die' says it all. It's not about dieting its about living fully with more whole, live, gloriously healthy and yummy food choices.
  • Getting Physical Your Way with Diane Williams, fitness expert, will have you moving and grooving your way. Physical activity should be fun and supportive, not a burden.

More About the Experts:

Anisa Aven, Law of Attraction expert, will be co-facilitating the new class with LOA visions and supplemental EFT materials. "As LOA students, we know that it's our mind that keeps us from having our ideal bodies; using EFT/LOA together we will be persistent in systematically eliminating the negative thoughts/beliefs that are holding us back!"

Cathleen Campbell, Success Coach and EFT Specialist is an EFT Goddess! I mean it- She rocks with her powerful, laser-focused sessions and will use this incredible tool to support you in eliminating your most common behavioral 'weight-gaining' challenges..

Kathryn Edler,Kathryn C. Edler, Certified Hypnotherapist and Law of Attraction Coach, has honored us with 4recorded Weight-Loss Hypnosis sessions!

Marian Bell, Health and Wellness Coach, Holistic Nutrition Expert, is a frequent guest on talk radio and TV. She is a thriving example of what healthy living can and will do for us. Her strategies will make it easier for you to simply and effectively make small but meaningful choices to support your weight goals.

Diane Williams is a personal trainer, fitness expert, and the founder of Curvy Goddess Lounge. Curvy Goddess Lounge is a company catering to plus size/full-figured women, the Curvy Goddesses of the world, and appreciating the men who admire them. We are bombarded by signals and messages from society, trying to define what we are supposed to be, how we are supposed to look, what beauty is. They are insidious acts that chip away our self-esteem, our confidence, ourselves until we disappear, become invisible. Diane's a platform is one of positive and inspired re-creation of who we are and who we want to be.

What do I do to join?

  1. Register below for the “EFT and LOA for Health, Fitness and Permanent Weight Loss” all-digital easy to follow-along program. 
  2. When you receive your order confirmation email, complete the first assignment, put together your plan for success and begin listening to ONE session a day. That's it!
  3. Watch your email/inbox for the LIVE class announcements and how to join.

How to use Emotional Freedom Technique to Lose Weight & the Law of Attraction for Permanent Weight Loss

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