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Creative Manifesting

The art of creating all that you desire.

- with conscious creation coach Anisa Aven

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What is Spiritual Creative Life Coaching?
What is Personal Success Coaching?
What is a Law of Attraction Coach?

Whether you are seeking to attract your life partner, discover your life purpose, achieve financial freedom, launch a new business, make a crucial transition or evolve spiritually, working with a Spiritual Life and Success Coach will help you leverage your skills to achieve your goals easily, quickly and efficiently.

Welcome. I’m Anisa Aven and I’ve been fortunate to coach clients from around the world on how to apply the law of attraction and the laws of the universe to intentionally create the life of their dreams.

Who are my clients?

Since my specialty is the Law of Attraction and the Law of Detachment, clients that would benefit from my style of coaching are already on their spiritual path and have an inner knowing that they are responsible for their lives and their experiences. My clients take responsibility for what they attract and they also understand that anything is possible when they harness the power of their minds.

I work primarily with:

1) Entrepreneurs wanting to break the glass ceiling and expand their business.
2) Executives that want to bring their ‘power of the mind’ beliefs to their corporate environment and experience greater peace and easier success or want to make a transition into a more harmonious career.
3) Singles that want to attract their ideal partner using the laws of attraction.
4) Couples that want to use the principles of attraction to create a better or optimal relationship.
5) Coaches that want to expand their potential and incorporate the laws of attraction into their business.
6) Individuals wanting to use the mind power and spiritual principles to optimize their health and well-being.

My ideal client is willing to be bold and courageous in the pursuit of their dreams. They want to tap into their inner potential and latent abilities to maximize their lives and play a bigger game. They are willing to take action, willing to hear and listen to both positive and negative feedback, willing to be authentic, willing to try new things, willing to take their lives to the next level, and even willing to be uncomfortable when their routines are turned inside out and upside down. My ideal client has a determined conviction to intentionally create their lives using their thoughts, beliefs, and emotions and even if they aren’t 100% confident in their abilities, they are willing to put forth the effort to increase their confidence and put forth the intent to simply be tenacious in the pursuit.

Read what a few of my clients have to say:

"Can you be a success without CreataVision? Yes, but it's like a scientist without a microscope. Like a microscope, CreataVision's Creative Life Success Coaching Program and Anisa Aven helps you focus on your happiness until it surrounds you with a vibrant clarity. It has opened my eyes to an unseen world of possibilities and I'm enjoying my success with a passion." - Richard Cinta, Santa Fe, NM
"Through CreataVision's Creative Life Coaching sessions. I can clearly visualize my pathway. I now have a realistic action plan to follow in achieving all my heart's desires." - Suzanne Rohal, Houston, TX
“Thanks so much, Anisa, for your excellent advice last night. I truly appreciate your exceptional client-centered service. You exude joy, passion, and lightheartedness when you speak. And you are well grounded. I look forward to having my goals finally realized very soon.” - Laura Rodriquez
“Before your program, I achieved a lot of things very quickly but I did not know how I did it. Later on, I had some financial problems that led me into looking for answers everywhere and started to read and listen to different authors on the subject of personal development and money management but even then I did not feel the same as before, one day I saw a little book in Spanish called "Synchronicity" and that led me to study a little more about the subject and into quantum physics. One day I wrote the word manifesting in my computer and I found your site but I did not think it was true, then you offered me the free course, so I tried it and then I ordered the manifesting course and the CD's. I felt totally changed like I had finally found what I needed and suddenly I had all this insight and I understood a lot of things and remember that my past success was based mostly in using the tools you describe but I did not see that until now. Thank you again.” – Oscar Rivera

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Some of the manifestations that I’m grateful to have supported my clients in attracting for themselves using the laws of attraction and the power of the mind:

  • A multi-million dollar government contract
  • A self-published book and featured expert column in Inc. Magazine
  • Many happy relationships and marriages with their ideal mates and true love with one’s soul mate
  • Dream homes
  • Dream vacations
  • Successful career transitions from corporate to small business entrepreneurs
  • Free cars, clothes, trips, jewelry, and other miscellaneous life enhancing ‘things’
  • Raises, promotions, job offers, travel opportunities, speaking opportunities, exotic adventures
  • Financial freedom and prosperity
  • Successful pregnancy and birth when the diagnosis was ‘infertile’ and ‘impossible’
  • Successful self-healing, complete remission and recovery
  • A self-made teenage millionaire
  • A true teenage recovery from addict to successful college graduate

To clarify, I’m not responsible for creating any of the above for my clients but when we work together our minds create a vortex of energy that is magnetic and I have been blessed to watch my clients create absolute miracles in their lives.

Who am I?

I am a Spiritual Creative Life Coach specializing in the Law of Attraction. I’ve written multiple courses and recorded audio series on how to apply the laws of creation to attract success, wealth, and happiness. I’m the nationally published author of the ‘Ask the Soul Mate Coach’ column in single’s magazines around the country, author of the 21-Day course “Navigate Your Fate, Create a Mate”, Wisdom Radio’s relationship coach on Scott Cluthe’s previous Wisdom Today show and worked as the Director of Relationship Coaching for True.com, an online dating company. I am the founder of CreataVision Enterprises, CEO of Turn Key Coaching Solutions and managing partner of the Certified Coaching Registry.

My background is in entrepreneurship as I opened my first business at the age of 10, a snack bar in my father’s antique auction house. I have had many adventures in the world of business including marketing, sales, talent management and even children’s videos. I launched my small business consulting company in 1992 and have found my true passion is life coaching and teaching others how to apply the immutable Laws of the Universe to deliberately create the life they really want.

I can only teach what I’ve practiced in my own life and although I admit to still being a work in progress, I share my experiences of intentionally attracting my husband, my home, my prosperity, my vacations, my health, my fulfilling career, my healthy children, and the life I am so grateful for with clients who want to learn how to also intentionally attract what they desire and what they long to experience.

On a personal note, I am a student of life and I am continually striving to obtain spiritual enlightenment. I am a proud and conscious parent of Parker, age 7, and Ashlyn, age 3. My honey, Allen, is the love of my life and I appreciate how loved I am and will always be with him. I am open to new ideas and am always open to doing things better, creating a better world, and living more consciously and congruently. I am an active desktop activist for peace, animal rights, conservation, children’s rights, democratic freedoms and civil liberties.

How does coaching work?

We meet weekly or bi-weekly for 30-40 minutes, usually for a term of at least 3 months (for project coaching) to several years (for personal, business, or spiritual transformation coaching). We work together for as long as you desire and as long as the relationship is ‘working’ and ‘fun’.

Working with clients from around the country, I have developed an unrivaled coaching program that is tailored to your individual needs and desire for growth. Your weekly (or by-weekly) telephone sessions are designed to first identify your ideal life (your goals, dreams, desires, wants etc.) then strategize a plan of mental, spiritual, and physical ascent to achieve this desire.

Next, having identified any obstacles, we will work with various tools to release any limiting beliefs and apply the Law of Detachment to any sub-conscious patterns that may be keeping you from achieving your optimal state of success.

You simply find a private place where you can direct your undivided attention to our coaching session and call at our scheduled appointment time. Long distance charges may apply outside of Houston, Texas.

What is the investment?

Anisa works with both corporate executives, stay-at-home moms and all conscious creators in-between. Her program fees will depend upon a variety of progam elements including corporate metrics/reporting, group coaching, coach-on-call,training/workshops, inner-circle coaching, EFT (emotional freedom technique), NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming, Leadership development, conscious attraction, etc.

Her fees can range from $500 to $10,000 a month depending upon the level of travel, immersion, time, corporate requirements, etc.

NOTE: —> If you have a budget for coaching, call us. If there's a calling and a match and Anisa has the availability, we can make it work. Anisa also has a limited number of barter, partial-scholarship, or equity coaching opportunities available from time-to-time as well.

Call to schedule a time with Anisa. We will know in a few short minutes whether Anisa's coaching style is a match and will help you achieve your goals.

Call - 281-469-4244

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