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Creative Manifesting

The art of creating all that you desire.

- with conscious creation coach Anisa Aven

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This 60 minute teleseminar received excellent feedback as it pulled spirituality, manifesting mastery, and the power of prayer together in a eye-opening yet simple manner. Anisa Aven hosted this teleseminar with Steph Bell, prayer coach and author of the upcoming book, Prayer Works Because. Steph is asking for stories about how prayer has supported your life for her book now. Visit the replay link below to listen to the teleseminar and read her responses to a few questions as well. Visit here: http://www.creatavision.com/self-help-downloads/powerofprayer.htm

Listen to the replay here

Listen to Anisa Aven on Bishop Wilson's Wisdom Blast. Anisa talks about "Understanding the Law of Attraction - How the Bible supports Conscious Creation."

Wisdom Blast is a weekly podcast hosted by Bishop M. Christopher Wilson, www.mcwilson.r8.org

With the Law of Attraction: How will I know when I’m detached (using the law of detachment)?

What’s the difference between desire (negative) and acceptance (positive)?  Becky launches a living vision: “… being in Hawaii next week” and, Anisa’s 4-step formula for systematically applying both the law of attraction and the law of detachment using EFT (emotional freedom technique). 

Rain dance - attract prosperity- what do I do after a loss?

Live interaction with Anisa Aven on how to Manifest Prosperity with a question/answer session for: “How exactly do I do a rain dance to manifest what I want?” and “How do I attract prosperity when I’m afraid to approach people (and that’s my business)?”, and “What do I do after a loss and when now, I feel like there’s nothing I want?”  and more…

Law of Attraction Teleseminar Recording
We shared manifesting success stories; Mimi shared with us how she was able to manifest her workshop in Hawaii and we discussed the importance of 'detaching' and 'allowing.  We then discussed what to do with the feeling, ''nothing EVER works out for me."
A Spiritual Mind Treatment for Peace, Love, Joy, Prosperity, Purpose, and Wholeness(This is a meditative prayer using the Science of Mind methods taught by Ernest Holmes.)

Anisa Aven speaking in the spiritual talk radio Isle of LightHear Anisa Aven on The Isle of Light: spiritual talk radio hosted by Chyrene Pendleton:

During the show, Anisa Aven shares the analogy of the Rain Dance and the powerful way natives have used this to create rain. She says we can use this technique also in our manifestations.

"If a person can get themselves into that kind of passionate gratitude about what they want as if what they want is already within, it's already here, as if they are tasting that water before it ever rains--that's the fastest way to use the Law of Attraction because the Law of Attraction says whatever you think and believe, you will receive. So if I really accept that it's already raining, the Universe has to respond because it's a vibrational frequency of likeness that it can't refuse."

 Listen to Anisa in the recording from the Isle of of Light Download the mp3 audio file (listen with your computer's audio player or burn to a CD)

Visit the blog, Prosperity is a State of Mind which is filled with tips, articles, links and personal experiences on ways you can manifest prosperity (or anything) in your life, using the Law of Attraction.

To use the Rain Dance to make the law of attraction work for you, please also read our article about Rain Dancing and the Law of Attraction

 A demonstration of how to intentionally raise your vibration using Anisa’s Vibration Elevation method

(See also - The affirmation power formula article: http://www.creatavision.com/articles/affirmation-power-formula.htm ) and What about creating and the global consciousness, and creating for someone else?

 Overcoming specific challengesWe discussed overcoming specific challenges with attracting health, prosperity, and specifically what to do when it just doesn’t seem to be working!
 How to grow and evolve your affirmations to ensure that what you are 'saying' is still a match to what you want.  What do you do when you can't "Visualize" what you want?


Listen to the free Manifesting the Sweet Life Teleseminar recordings by clicking on the links below:

July 13th Audio

Christy shares her victory of creating a trip to Greece, Loretta shares her victory of manifesting the opportunity to buy a home, and our living vision was with Shauna on attracting a successful business and ideal sales opportunities and prospects.

August 10th Audio

August 17th Audio

April 19th Audio May 24th Audio June 29th Audio
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Manifest Your Dreams Goals Workbook Use the Power of EFT and LOA to Get Fit and Fabulous Free Preview Call 1Use the Power of EFT and LOA to Get Fit and Fabulous Free Preview Call 2
  (We did a round of EFT on 'losing weight is hard', so be prepared to follow along.)


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