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Creative Manifesting

The art of creating all that you desire.

- with conscious creation coach Anisa Aven

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What is Spiritual Creative Life Coaching?
What is the difference between Spiritual vs. Religious?
How Can I Create Business Success?
What is Personal Success Coaching?
Is Coaching therapy?
What is a Law of Attraction Coach?
Who are my clients?
What kind of people do you primarily coach?
How do you help your clients?
Who is Anisa Aven?
How does coaching work?
How much does coaching with Anisa Aven cost?
What if I'm on a budget?
How do I get started?
Do you offer free downloads?
Where can I find the "Are you ready to be life coached?" Quiz?

What is Spiritual Creative Life Coaching?

Spiritual Creative Life Coaching is the term I use to describe the type of coaching I engage in with my clients.  I am a student of the power of the mind and I am constantly reading and studying ways to harness the powers of the Universal Principles and the Laws of Physics to intentionally and deliberately attract all that we desire into our lives.  As a spiritual coach, I believe that we alone are powerless but when we accept that our source and supply is internal, and that it is the spirit within us that moves mountains, and then we can apply this internal power, (a.k.a. God, the Universe, and Spirit within) to consciously create success. 

What is the difference between Spiritual vs. Religious?

Spiritual is the term that I use to impart that the work I do is not religious but highly spiritual.  The art of manifesting includes the recognition that it is the spirit within us that is the source of all our good.  By putting our attention on experiencing more 'God' in our lives, we purify our hearts and naturally express more love, forgiveness, appreciation and spiritual powers that can create worlds. 

How Can I Create Business Success?

For example, creating business success includes prosperity, power, and possibly prestige but true success also includes fulfillment, balance, joy, peace, and passion.  Working with a Spiritual Creative Life Coach to manifest success in business will include goal setting and action steps but it would also include an evaluation of one's values and whether or not their goals are in alignment with their core values.  When our goals are misaligned with our values, even though we may achieve those goals, the victory will be bitter sweet and we may not understand why our accomplishments feel so hollow.  By working on both the spiritual and physical levels to consciously create success, we attract greater success that also includes the passion, fulfillment, purpose, ease, and the contentment that we really desire in addition to prosperity and accomplishment. 

What is Personal Success Coaching?

Coaching is the act of supporting someone in fulfilling their potential.  A Personal Success Coach engages a client in becoming more than they would on their own by supporting them in focusing on their priorities, offering encouragement and wisdom in times of doubt, and by holding the client accountable to what they say they want.  These and other coaching methods, support a client in being, doing, and having more of what they really want in life.  Personal Success Coaching works by clarifying the client's values, goals, objectives and action steps while simultaneously clarifying the self-sabotaging patterns and obstacles that might hold a person back, such as self doubt, procrastination, or a fear of failure, for example.  

Is Coaching therapy?

Coaching is not therapy.  Coaching is future focused with emphasis on positive mental attitude, crafting supportive environments, applying the laws of attraction and maintaining a laser like focus on your goals.  Therapy often includes an analysis of 'why we are where we are' while coaching focuses not on how we got here, but on where we are going from here.  In general, an ethical coach refrains from all forms of diagnosis and will often require clients with traumatic past experiences to work with a therapist in addition to a coach.   

What is a Law of Attraction Coach?

A Law of Attraction Coach engages in attraction coaching which supports clients in consciously creating their life and dreams using the power of their mind and the Laws of the Universe, including the Law of Attraction, the Law of Detachment, and the Law of Creation. A Law of Attraction coach works with clients using mind power techniques to refocus the client's attention on the specific thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that are in alignment with attracting their desires into their lives with greater ease. The Law of Attraction is at work whether we realize it or not. By intentionally focusing on positive feelings, beliefs, and emotions with a certainty that we are worthy of having our dreams fulfilled, we become powerful and magnetic beacons beckoning magic, miracles, and synchronistic circumstances which make our lives more fulfilling, more enjoyable, more passionate, and more effortless.

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