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Creative Manifesting

The art of creating all that you desire.

- with conscious creation coach Anisa Aven

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Client Testimonials

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Dear Anisa:

Many many thanks for your help today. I am blown away and down right amazed
at your laser-like focus and ability to cut through the chaste. All in 15
minutes block of time.

I am deeply touched by your generosity, and inspired by your enthusiasm.
Thank you for being such a stunning role model.

You are a gem!

- Christine

I joined the Create It class when Anisa was raising money for her marathon supporting a foundation for Leukemia. I was blown away by how personable the group class could be and how much information would be available. It has been life changing! So much so that I didn’t want it to end! I am learning to put in place daily things that I knew to do but never disciplined myself to do. The tools that I’m learning to use are moving me toward my dreams every day. And the team spirit of the group classes is so encouraging to me. Hearing others dealing with the exact same resistance and issues as me makes me feel like overcoming those things is completely possible now with the incredible clarity and wisdom of Anisa’s coaching. She has a way of zeroing in on the root issue, giving real life examples and pointing the way to freedom and a life filled with joy and fulfilled dreams. Having dabbled in the arena of Law of Attraction for a few years now, I can honestly say that Anisa is one of the most authentic and gifted coach/teacher that I’ve heard and had the pleasure of working with. She is a delight, very skilled and in tune. She has attracted some great people into her group coaching sessions. I enjoy everyone that I meet through her work. I would encourage anyone to partake of her material.

Anisa, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

- Sandi

"After just one coaching session, with Anisa Aven, I began to observe the limiting beliefs which were keeping me separate from that which I desired. From this new awareness and observation I was able to powerfully shift my perspective in a way that enabled me to actually become and therefore attract what I truly desired. Just this one thing gained from just one session changed my life in a very powerful way. It was like I finally "got it" and was able to facilitate changes in my thoughts, patterns and belief systems! Anisa is truly an awesome coach and an inspiring human being."

– Dr. Jackie St.Cyr, INNATE CHIROPRACTIC, Healing Arts Center, Houston, TX

"No matter what field of business you are in, there are tools of the trade that without them, your business would not be a success. These tools allow you to focus on a task in such a way, that you know will make your life easier and happier. Most of us do not know there are also tools of the trade for your personal development and success. CreataVision has helped me hone my skills to focus an allowing spontaneous success to just happen in its own perfect timing. Can you be a success without CreataVision???. Yes. But its like a scientist without a microscope. It can be done, but it's a lot harder. Like a scientist using a microscope, CreataVision will be able to help you focus on your happiness until it surrounds you with a vibrant clarity. At least it has opened my eyes to an unseen world of possibilities and I'm enjoying my success with a passion. Thanks to CreataVision, my personal development and success has skyrocketed. Give them a try and who knows, you too could be flying high with success."

- Richard Cinta, Executive Director, New Horizon Resources

"CreataVision has been a most positive experience. Apart from making two new friends I cannot imagine being without, it has enabled me to move forward in my life by removing blocks and keeping me focused on my goals. It has shown me that our reality really does reflect our beliefs. Thanks! I couldn't have done it without you!"

- V. B., Houston, TX

"CreataVision Enterprises has helped me to focus on the qualities I want from my future  mate.  The exercises have helped me to envision the experiences and feelings of what I want with my someone special.  Using deliberate creation techniques, I have seen my requests fulfilled. While I have not yet met my king, I am attracting people into my life that possess qualities that I admire and wish to emulate. CreataVision Enterprises has given me confidence in who I am and the knowingness that I am attracting that perfect person into my life. Thank you Anisa and Kathy, you both deserve success and happiness and I am so grateful."  

- Love, Alicia Moreno, Coronal Del Mar, CA

"The team of CreataVision is extraordinary! Anisa Aven 's dynamic, exuberant energy propels you forward in a positive direction unlike any other coach (counseling system) I have used before. Kathy Edler has insight and phenomenal hypnotic talent that delves down into your conscience to release the negative past in a gentle and effective way. I would recommend them to anyone who has the opportunity to use their service."

– Gwen Gernand, Houston, TX

"More than any other wish, I longed to know God's will for me. Through CreataVision coaching sessions, I can clearly visualize my pathway. I now have a realistic action plan to follow to achieve my heart's desires. CreataVision has been able to reveal to me, my hindrances stemming from my past, healed me in such a way that as I walk down my future pathway, they are not there to trip me up! I am a better person today because of my coaching sessions...freer to give & receive love, more confidence with greater self-worth, a wonderful sense of well-being, more harmony and peace with myself and my world. In my search for my soul mate, I am in awe of the magnificence of being "irresistibly attractive." Many exceptional men are entering my life, and making me feel like I am indeed a special prize to be coveted. I am forever grateful for CreataVision's entry into my life, and the excitement they have brought to me."

- Suzanne R., Houston, TX

"Anisa, I just finished reading the newsletter and you really outdid yourself! One of my core beliefs is that we are, at any given moment, paying value to ourselves and others or we aren't. This newsletter and particularly this edition is FILLED with value! Thank you!"

- Mike

"Thank you so much for your free course which i just finished reading. I know finding your website was not an accident. I have been tremendously blessed and carrying out the field work.  Right down in my spirit I know that I have finally found the key."

- Eternal

"Just thought you would like to know that my sister followed your guidelines for manifesting and now has what she asked for - an easier version of the same job with more money and nearer the sea. It has all come to her - and more. She and her husband are even happier than they were before.  It must feel good to know that you are helping people realize their dreams."

- Deirdre

"Thank you for the wonderful guidance you offer - after a lot of recent soul searching I discovered your website on Sunday, out of lots that I visited, yours resonated with my soul.   I was able to identify how I'd been limiting the flow in my life for 8 months, made the brave decision to admit to myself and the world who I truly am (magnificently spiritual) and offer the whole of me to the universe and my work.  At last I felt love, joy and aliveness again - truly free to be the real me, the greatest abundance I could ever wish for. After letting go of the last of my fears/defenses/attachments, the flow in my life returned.  Within a day the Universe sent me 'work' that I love, unexpected extra money and peace of mind.  Thank you for the love and light you give so openly, the wonderful manifestation Laws and your depth of wisdom. I was so lucky to find you."

- Love, light and gratitude, Kathy

“Thanks so much, Anisa, for your excellent advice last night. I truly appreciate your exceptional client-centered service. You exude joy, passion, and lightheartedness when you speak. And you are well grounded. I look forward to having my goals finally realized very soon.”

- Laura Rodriquez

“Before your program, I achieved a lot of things very quickly but I did not know how I did it. Later on, I had some financial problems that led me into looking for answers everywhere and started to read and listen to different authors on the subject of personal development and money management but even then I did not feel the same as before, one day I saw a little book in Spanish called "Synchronicity" and that led me to study a little more about the subject and into quantum physics. One day I wrote the word manifesting in my computer and I found your site but I did not think it was true, then you offered me the free course, so I tried it and then I ordered the manifesting course and the CD's. I felt totally changed like I had finally found what I needed and suddenly I had all this insight and I understood a lot of things and remember that my past success was based mostly in using the tools you describe but I did not see that until now. Thank you again.”

– Oscar Rivera

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