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Creative Manifesting

The art of creating all that you desire.

- with conscious creation coach Anisa Aven

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What do you want to CREATE?

Give me a few minutes and I will demonstrate for you how to CREATE ANYTHING you want, without FAIL. 

Serious About Wanting To Manifest A Mate, Create Wealth, Attract Success, Live Your Life Purpose? Here's How To Experience The Fulfilled Life You Really Want ....Love, Happiness, Prosperity, health, and Spiritual Enlightenment!

Satisfaction Guaranteed... Or Your Money Back.

Together, we will launch a vibrational frequency that is 100% in alignment with what YOU Want to Manifest!

Have you ever experienced a LIVING VISION?

It’s the most powerful creative manifesting tool that I have ever used.  If You and I launch it together, then alone, you can continue to daily launch this same vision, and same emotion and you WILL have to manifest what you want. 

Use it and it’s FOOLPROOF!

What I’ve manifested this year alone using this technique…

  • Closing on my new, dream home, within the time-frame that I wanted, less than my budget, with money back at closing, new carpet, paint, fixtures, on a cul-de-sac, with lots of kids to play with, in the best subdivision, close to my family and friends, and more.
  • More money back on my taxes than ever before.
  • An all-expenses paid trip to Key West.
  • The successful launch of my new company with a team that is far more talented than I!  TurnKeyCoachingSolutions.com
  • A successful marathon run (10 minutes faster than I had trained).  Raised in excess of $10,000.00 for the Leukemia Society, and the healing of my running injury (blown knee at mile 15).
  • Parker being chosen for the all-star team in baseball.
  • Ashlyn a great pre-K program. 
  • Ski vacations, mini-weekend getaways, shoe sales, new friends, a great relationship and so much more, because I use this every day!

It’s a SIMPLE, yet Powerful way to create!

I call this a Living Vision and if you aren’t using this tool on a daily basis, then you CANNOT manifest what you want within a consolidated time frame.

If you have not been successful at manifesting quickly, allow me to support you.  Complete the following form and let me know what you want to create.    

It’s a money-back guaranteed session.  If at the end of our time together, you don’t think it’s going to work for you – then I’ll refund your money! 

You have nothing to lose, except more time wasted not getting what you want.

What can I expect?

You can expect to experience an emotional bond with the essence of your desire. All manifestations occur because our emotions, thoughts, and beliefs pull them into our experience.

Intentional manifestation is the art of deliberately holding an emotional state that is equal to the essence of the object that you desire. If you can maintain this vibrational, emotional bond (without attachment, fear, doubt) and allow 'your goal' into your life, then you can manifest anything you desire.

Here's the Disclaimer:

I'm NOT suggesting that you will instantly win the lottery, fall madly in love, or have a spontaneous healing. In fact, many will have an 'a-ha' within the session but then neglect to practice what they learned and never manifest what they say they wanted so badly.

Although it is possible to manifest instantly; most people do not have the belief system or foundation to support this. Most people do not believe they are capable of 'walking on water' (myself included), therefore, they limit their ability to instantly manifest. However, within our session, you WILL experience the very KEY to accepting both your unlimited potential and your dream into your life. If you continue (on your own or with a coach) to focus on and practice this KEY emotional bond then you WILL begin to see first signs of land and then eventually, without fail, you will manifest what you want.

How does this work?

1 - Tell me what you want to create and the reasons you believe you want it as well as the reasons you believe you don't already have it.

2 - Complete the purchase form using the paypal or credit card options.

Normally a coaching session costs $145.00, but for a limited time, you can get 1 one-on-one session, specifically targeted to manifesting the ONE goal that you really, really, really want right now with Anisa Aven for...

($145.00) Only $100.00

3 - Schedule your appointment. Together we will create a Living Vision that is vibrationally 90-100% in harmony with your goal.

4 - Then, your only job will be to maintain this frequency and allow your manifestation to come into your life.

Ready to Manifest? Please tell me what you want to create now:

Please tell me what you want to create now:

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What do you believe is the reason you don’t already have what you want? *
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