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- with conscious creation coach Anisa Aven

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Emotional Freedom Techniques Demo

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A couple of EFT Videos with Dawson Church... How does science explain EFT?


Here’s the shortened “basic recipe” that I use with clients. Gary Craig also provides a FREE beginner’s EFT manual on his site. You’ll want to download and study it.


1- Start w/sore spot on chest (or Karate Chop Point) with set-up phrase and choice statement

2- Inner Eyebrow (EB)

3- Outer Eye (OE)

4- Under Eye (UE)

5- Under Nose (UN)

6- Chin (CH)

7– Collarbone (CB)

8– Under Arm (UA)

9– Beneath Nipple (BN)

10- Head, crown chakra (H)


1. Select an issue or a problem to work with.

The issue may be (for example)…

“What am I feeling?”

“What is the thought that’s causing this feeling?”

“What am I afraid of…?”

“What’s the worst thing that could happen if…”

“What’s the event that launched these emotions?”

2. Assess your SUDs level (your subjective units of distress level)

by rating your anxiety or emotional discomfort on a scale of 0 – 10 (0 equals neutral or no distress and 10 equals highest level of distress imaginable).
I do this by simply asking myself two questions:
‘How bad does this make me feel?”
“If I had to assign a number from 0 – 10 to this distress, what number would that be?”

3. Do the Set-Up

Tap on the Karate Chop point or rub in a circular motion the Sore Spot on your chest while addressing the issue with the following phrase: (You’ll repeat this three times).
Say, “Even though I ------name the problem that you chose directly, if it’s negative, then say it negatively ----,
And “I deeply and completely love and accept myself”.
For example,
“Even though I have this fear about being fired, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
Even though I have this sadness about this break-up, I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself.
Even though I hate myself for being so co-dependent, I profoundly love, accept, and forgive myself.
Even though I have this headache, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

4. Now, take a deep breath to release any dislocated energy.

5. Now, select an easy Reminder Phrase

that triggers the memory of the problem you are working with. For example, ‘this fear, this anxiety, this sadness, this headache, my co-dependence.”
TAP the meridian POINTS, as illustrated, while speaking your Reminder Phrase.

6. Check in and assess your SUDs level.

“How am I feeling now?” Rate your anxiety or stress again on that same scale of 0 – 10. 0 means you are neutral or it doesn’t matter anymore and 10 means you are really feeling awful and negative.

7. With any SUDs level above 0, begin again with step 1.

This time, if your SUDs level was reduced, then acknowledge that by using a set-up phrase such as, “Even though I still have this remaining fear…”
Now continue to TAP until you get to a ZERO or a very neutral place.
Regarding the 9-Gamut Procedure…
In the downloadable .pdf EFT manual available for free on Gary Craig’s site, you’ll find a procedure called the 9-Gamut. Occasionally, with a particular client who prefers to do the entire process or with a particularly stubborn issue, we will do the above steps as well as this 9-gamut procedure. If you are curious about this procedure, I highly encourage you to download the manual and try it. Everyone’s different. You may find that it supports you in releasing more quickly by adding the 9-Gamut to your EFT routine. Or, you may discover that the shortened version works just as well for most issues. If you’re interested, you’ll find the details in Gary’s manual.

Experiment with EFT!
I cannot claim that the following deviations are any more effective than the original/traditional EFT. I am simply sharing with you what I have found to be helpful and effective for me.
It’s best to remember that EFT is ever-evolving and that you can’t really get it wrong. You can only get it MORE Right. Therefore, experiment with the techniques that I’m sharing with you as well as those tried and true techniques in Gary’s DVD’s and his website.

Choice & Affirmations
Instead of the statement, “I deeply and completely love and accept myself after the set-up phrase, many EFT experimenters including myself are learning how to get quick results using CHOICE statements and Positive Affirmations.
For example,

“Even though I feel like nothing works out for me, I deeply love and accept myself…”

AND one choice statement such as…

“I choose to be grateful for what I have.”
“I choose to trust in the Divine.”
“I choose to accept that I’m doing the very best that I can.”
“I choose to continue to have the courage to proceed.”
“I choose to believe in myself.”
“I choose to know all is well.”
“I choose to attract great things.”

When you go through the Meridian Points, you’ll speak the reminder statement once through then try the Choice Statements…
For example,

“This fear” or “this remaining fear” (TAP all points)
Then try the following,
(EB) “I choose to let go and let God.”
(OE) “I choose to trust in Spirit.”
(UE) “I choose to know that I am Divinely Protected.”
(UN) “I accept my Divine Inheritance.”
(CH) “I accept and acknowledge the Presence of God within as the source and supply of all my good.”
(CB) “I trust in the Divine, now.”
(UA) “I trust in Spirit and I let go.”
(BN) “I am willing to do what needs to be with grace and courage, now.”
(H) “I command the Powers of the Universe to support my complete and total release from fear. I release any and all fear and expect my greatest good, now. So be it.”

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