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Creative Manifesting

The art of creating all that you desire.

- with conscious creation coach Anisa Aven

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Do You Have the Love of Your Life?

What If… Finally, you could use the most powerful personal growth technology of our time to intentionally attract your soul-mate or even re-create your ideal relationship?

Check the box below that applies to you:

COUPLED?  Are you in a relationship that you want to improve? Please click here to discover how to utilize this remarkable technology to save your marriage, rekindle the flame, or radically transform (for the better) your relationship.  

SINGLE?  Do you want to attract your soul-mate?   Click here to discover how you can instantly begin to love your life now, attract boundless opportunities to meet high-quality potential mates and systematically and intentionally attract your ideal mate.

Announcing a Remarkable Personal Growth Technology that Completely Transforms Your Love Life!

Anisa AvenGreetings! 

My name is Anisa Aven and this program is very near and dear to my heart. Yes, I’m the creator but I’m also a student.   I am humbled by the power of this technology.  I’ve personally witnessed thousands that have used it to transform their love lives and I, personally, re-created my love life from a bleak state of boredom and repetitive failure to my current state of being madly in-love and apt to stay that way!

Listen to a note from Anisa:

I’ll share a little more about my story in a bit but first allow me to explain a few things that may save you a great deal of time later.   

I value my time and I value your time.  We’re busy people and we don’t have time to waste on stupid programs that make promises they can’t keep! 

You see, I’m a Conscious Success teacher, writer, and speaker, the CEO of a global, life and business coaching program management and contract coach staffing company, an intentionality student, a mom, a wife, an athlete, and a spiritual activist.  If I’m going to invest not only my money but my time on something, I want to know that it’s going to support my goals on many levels and that includes giving me immediate results.  I would expect no less of you!

Attract a Woman, Attract a Man Imagine...

You Can Eliminate Negative Emotions, Eradicate Negative Magnetism & Create (or re-create) Your Ideal Relationship with only 3 Minutes a day.

This program is not for everyone.  In fact, less than 10% of the planet is ready for this work.  I wonder, are you ready to find out if you’re in that 10%?

Before you waste further time reading this, I feel compelled to say right up front:

Please forgive me for being blunt… however, I am not interested in taking your money if you aren’t ready to use this program.  Frankly, I don’t want to waste this incredible spiritual technology with anyone who doesn’t already understand and believe in their unlimited nature.

Before reading further, let’s just put it in the spotlight whether or not you’re in that small 10% of the population that I’m referring to.  Please answer the following to reveal:

True, False or Not Sure?

  • The Law of Attraction is a genuine Universal Law.  And, we are unlimited beings with the innate ability to intentionally attract using the power of our minds. 

True, False, or Not Sure?

  • Limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, and self-sabotaging behaviors are the only barriers preventing a person from successfully and intentionally utilizing the Universal Laws of Creation (including the Law of Attraction).

If   you answered True or Not Sure to the above questions, then you are on your Divine Right Path and you were meant to land on this page.

Congratulations!  You just may be in the 10% of the planet that’s ready to take their lives to an entirely transformational position.  You have found a comprehensive solution to quickly remedy the challenges and obstacles that prevent you from manifesting your dreams.   Please continue reading.

If you answered False to one or both, then this course is not likely your cup-of-tea.  This program is built on the foundational and core belief that we are inherently powerful creators. 

We are creating all of the time whether we realize it or not.  When we are in a higher state of consciousness filled with courage, willingness, acceptance, gratitude and love then we are in harmony with what we want to attract (an ideal relationship, in this case).

When we are not living the life we want, it is always because we are out of alignment.  Therefore, there must be a lack of clarity, an opposing desire, or limiting beliefs and negative thoughts blocking our desires from manifesting.  This course stands on these Foundational FACTS.  If this is not a match to your beliefs and you are not inclined to feel courageous and bold to see if this could make sense for you, then please close this window and do not continue wasting your time. 

Are you ready to have the love life of your dreams? 

That’s exactly what this all-digital eBook and eAudio course teaches you how to attract! You’ll learn…

How to Apply the most powerful Meridian Therapy to attract the relationship of your dreams. You will learn and apply EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) along with the Power of the Law of Attraction to Manifest (or re-create) Your Ideal Relationship!

Read Lisa’s story:

Lisa Hayes“I ordered your how to attract your ideal mate EFT course online.  I've done EFT on and off for years and have had some good results, however, I've never experienced any real breakthroughs.  I just felt drawn to your course and started working through the eight week program.

Due to a series of bad relationships and a lot of disappointments, I had become quite soured to love.  I was the person that said not only did I not believe in love at first sight, but I wasn't really sure I believed in falling in love at all.

As I worked through your program I didn't notice any real specific changes immediately.  Even after I completed it I felt better about myself, but I hadn't found anyone special. 

Then I was sitting at a spa talking to a dear friend and describing to her the wonderful man I had found and what an amazing relationship we were developing.  All of the sudden I started crying when I realized that I had said almost all of those things over and over again in my Living Visions.  I had in fact manifested the man and the relationship I had dreamed about and when I heard myself replaying my Living Visions, but it was for real, I was overwhelmed with joy.

Thank you so very much for this course.  I love you and your work.  You have no idea how thankful I am.” – Lisa Hayes

Notice how Lisa says, “…I had become quite soured to love.”  Through her own admission, she realized that she needed to do something in order to stop being her own worst enemy. 
Sour thoughts create sour relations!

The Problem is Limiting Beliefs and Negative Emotions REPEL the relationship you desire!

Read Gary’s story:

"Thank you, Anisa. I cannot even begin to tell you how keyed up I am about this budding relationship. I can't believe that it was so easy. As you know, I spent 4 years in a terrible dry spell. I was convinced that I was never going to find someone that I wanted to be with again.  After doing the work in your program -  hot chicks are everywhere! Just kidding… but seriously, I couldn't believe how badly I had been pushing really great women away before. Now, I finally feel like I have someone who I want to be with and I don't feel afraid of getting bamboozled again. I'm really enjoying getting to know one another. I will continue to use EFT and what you've taught me. Thank you!"
- Gary, TN.

An Update:

Hi, Anisa!  I wanted to write to you again to give you an update.  Janet and I were married last month!  You may recall that she was the one I attracted while I was working with your program?  We did a destination wedding in The Bahamas with just a few friends.  If I haven’t already said thank you, then please know that both Janet and I are grateful. Thank you! I am a better man because of your work and I wish you the greatest success.  With love, Gary and Janet, TN. (but we’re moving to FL soon!)

Are you wearing relationship repellant?

Look at the diagram below.  Notice how limiting beliefs and negative thoughts form a barrier between YOU and Your Soul-Mate:

limiting beliefs diagram

The above limiting belief FOG is but a SMALL FRACTION of the negative vibrational patterns that may be sabotaging and repelling the VERY relationship you want!

What you put your attention upon expands and you magnetize and attract into your life whatever you FEEL and THINK on a regular basis.

When it comes to attracting a relationship, if you don't find it EASY, then rest assured you are allowing a limiting belief to run (and ruin) your life!

And, until you eliminate that limiting belief - you WILL NOT attract the relationship you really desire.

You have the Power within to intentionally harness the Law of Attraction and manifest your ideal relationship.  Using this program as your tutor, you can eliminate the negative baggage that is keeping you from experiencing your own power and your ideal mate.

Look at next diagram.  This is what begins to happen when you collapse your limiting beliefs with my Attract a Mate (or Re-Create the one you have) with the Power of EFT & LOA program: 

That’s right – as you eliminate the fog of negativity that surrounds you, (this is true, even if you are a fairly positive person) you will notice more potential mates everywhere you go!

Imagine this:

At first, you’ll work diligently (in 3 minute to one hour increments) to collapse thoughts that you’ve had for years; thoughts about your personal worth, what your parents said was true and thoughts about your ability to be loved. 

Then, you’ll notice a sense of lightness.  As if a great burden of shame, sorrow, and anger has been lifted, you will begin to simply feel happier. 

You won’t be able to explain it… but you’ll walk around with a smile on your face, a snap in your step, and a glow in your heart. 

Then, you’ll begin to notice that potential mates are crawling out of the woodwork!  I’m serious!  If you do this work, you’ll be radically surprised at just how bountiful your love options are.

Then, in-due-time, your ‘mate-options’ that are ‘not divine’ will fall away.  You’ll be left with this overall sense of confidence, self-love, and joy.  And, you will open your eyes and your ideal partner will be standing before you, just like the diagram below:

Yes!  You really can transform your mind and clear the path to your Divine True Love! 
But you may say…

I am different.  I am not like all the other people.

And that is precisely why you can use this technique to attract the relationship you desire.  You are Special. You are Unique. 

Remember, if you’re still reading then you are probably in that top 10% of people with the ability to access your inner power.  The exact same inner power that creates miracles can be utilized to create your ideal relationship!

Allow me to speak directly to how YOU, as a unique and special person, might use this course to seriously transform your life:
Answer the following question:

What if… You Could Release Those Negative Emotions and Be Free to Only Focus on What you Want?

Are you getting a sense of how you might apply this incredible technology to revolutionize your love life? 

Now, check out Your Easy to Use –
Hold-Your-Hand-Every-Step-of-the-Way EFT& LOA Dashboard:

(The snapshot below is just the first 3 weeks.)

It’s GOT to be EASY…

Let’s face it. If something isn’t easy to use and broken down into bite-sized chunks, we aren’t likely to use it.  Take a look at your customized dashboard above and notice:

Here’s the best part…  you will immediately begin to see shifts in your experience that are even better than you could have imagined.  Shifts that initially, may not appear to have anything to do with ‘creating your ideal relationship’. 

For example, read Howie’s story…

“It is amazing.  I am getting big promotions on my job, better health, more peace in my family life, and the happiest thing this week, when watching Oprah's blurb on THE SECRET, I realized my journey in manifesting was as much fun as the destination, that I am finally seeing the SURE SIGNS OF LAND.  Thank you again for facilitating my journey into LOA and EFT.” – Howie

And, Whitney's Story.

"I used your notebook and with the EFT together, on day 22, I attracted a man that was exactly what I had written down that I wanted.  The similarities between us were incredible. I've since decided that I want to attract a different relationship, but I feel like I know for sure that I have the ability to create my dreams and your help along with the EFT, my life is really changing. This really does work!" - Whitney, CA.

Imagine what it would feel like to know that YOU are in charge of your emotions and your love life.

There is a way if you are ready.


Order Now and Here’s what you will get instantly:

When you make a commitment and invest in this program and yourself, you will have instant access to all of the following:
The all-digital eBook and eAudio program including:

  • More than 10 hours of recorded teleclasses and audio transcripts, where you will follow along with the remarkable technology known as EFT.  You’ll hear students, just like you, share their experiences and get their specific questions answered - specifically for Attracting Your Ideal Mate (or re-creating the one you have)!

  • The 90+ page Attract A Mate (or Re-Create the One You Have) with the Power of EFT & LOA  eWorkbook filled with instructions for how you can systematically walk yourself through your limiting beliefs to eradicate those self-sabotaging vibrations.

  • Bonus Teleclass recordings: "How to fire up your attraction:
    online dating success strategies”,
    Using Essential Oils and EFT to raise your level of consciousness”, “Tap in an Extraordinary Relationship”, and “Discover Your Relationship Story!”

  • An Introductory EFT & LOA together audio recording to start you on the path of personal empowerment.

  • 8 weeks of email reminders to keep you motivated, on track and intentionally focused on completing the course and attracting the relationship you want!

  • An EFT tracking Log to help you keep track of where you’ve been and where you’re heading.

  • Weekly Checklist – each week you’ll download this simple checklist to streamline your attention and make it easy.

  • Living Visions for Creating Your Ideal Relationship: Your LAW of ATTRACTION work made easy!  You will gain instant access to powerful creative visualizations custom tailored to this program and specifically designed to support you in manifesting what you want in a relationship.


I'm ready, let me order noW

My wish for you

This is us in Cancun... just before my honey threw
me into the Ocean! See that mischievous grin?!?

I want you to have the relationship you desire.

Why?  Because, I am blessed to be with the love of my life; And, I know what it was like before…. and I know how happy I am now.

I have personally employed every one of the secrets I am sharing with you.  I can tell you from personal experience, there’s no love like the love you’ll share once you’ve done this work.  Our partners are only capable of loving us to the extent that we love ourselves, first.

Now it’s your turn

You’ve asked your friends how they’ve met their significant others and they tell you about how they just ran into them during the course of their everyday lives.  You hear about the couple that met in line at the coffee shop.  You even see the smiles on the faces of the two people you introduced just last week as they stroll hand-in-hand down the street.

But who has told you that they have been consciously using a technique so powerful that they attracted the love into their life easily and effortlessly.  Has anyone shared that secret with you?  Probably not, until now…

Hundreds and thousands of people have been using this powerful technique to draw the love of their lives towards them.  And as if from a dream, the “right guy” just happens to walk past them in the store of a grocery aisle or the “most beautiful woman” stops to ask for directions.  Behind those “random” encounters are people who have prepared themselves for the moment… when their inner work meets the outer world in a seemingly casual coincidence.

Follow your heart.

I ask you to give yourself the opportunity to create the relationship you desire and that you absolutely deserve.  If you are ready to do so, then follow your heart and take this opportunity to give yourself the gift of this work and the emotional freedom that will follow.

If you are reading this now, there is something inside of you that wants to experience the joy of being with the love of your life, the contentment of sharing your life with someone you love, and the happiness of being in a committed relationship with someone who values you as much as you value them.

The Bottom Line

This 8-week program is the result of literally thousands of hours of experience, not only from my personal application of these tools, but from working with hundreds of clients and seminar participants, and the feedback received over the course of the last 10 years.   I’ve personally spent a high-6-figures learning and developing these principles and strategies.

And, I want you to have it.  I want to be able to say to you, “Congratulations!” and know that this time, you got it right! 

Your 8-Week Transformational Control
Panel and eCourse is Only $149  - $99.95
(for a limited time)

Attract a MateThis program cost thousands of dollars to develop and hundreds of hours - if you were to purchase this work separately it would be priced in the range of at least $199/week x 8 weeks - or nearly $1600. 

This is a bargain!  (Not because it's not worth it - but because I WANT folks to have it!)

For less than a nice dinner, you can be on your way to manifesting the relationship of your dreams. This course gives you the best of this information and makes it easy for you to leverage the power of Emotional Freedom Technique with the Law of Attraction to intentionally attract your ideal mate.

order now

Order now to receive these bonus eBooks including: How to Recreate Your Current Love into the Relationship Your Want, 97 Steps to a Happy Relationship and more.

Free Bonus Ebooks:

Recreate Love
How to Re-Create the Love you Have, into the Relationship You want eBook and Audio program

A 60+ minute, audio-coaching teleseminar recording and 26 page eBook with Conscious Creation Coach and Relationship expert, Anisa Aven.

9797 Steps to a Happy Relationship

Every relationship requires attention.  With an awareness that you must put time, energy, and love into your relationship, you can not only attract the right partner to do this with you, but you can also re-create your current relationship.  Awareness is the first step towards change.  Use this eBook to become more aware of what you can do to improve your relationship (current or future).

Retail Value: $24.95

mpManifesting Prosperity Workbook

40 pages of fill-in-the blank Law of Attraction worksheets
By Anisa Aven

Do you ever feel like you’re just repeating the same old affirmations or visualizations over and over again?  Do you sometimes feel stagnant with your creation routine or not even have a creation routine?  This workbook can solve that problem.  It was designed for manifesting prosperity, however the exercises within can be used to intentionally apply the laws of attraction and detachment to deliberately create a relationship, a better job, health, joy, and of course prosperity.  Print this digital workbook, and begin using the sheets daily as a step-by-step Intentional Attraction System.


Congratulations!  I heard the wonderful news.

Isn’t that exciting to hear?  Can you hear your friends and family members coming up to you and congratulating you on your wonderful new relationship?  Well, start getting ready to share the joyous news.  You are on the path to a wonderful relationship by ordering this program now.

And once you’ve had time to enjoy your new relationship, send me a picture of the two of you, so we can share in the joy as well!

Create a Great Relationship!

Anisa Aven

PS: I am so excited that you are ordering this program now and starting your journey to your new relationship that I am offering an additional bonus. You will get 3 free bonus eBooks just for purchasing this program today.

PS: You will have the support in this endeavor as you mingle with other like-minded conscious creators in the EFT & LOA member’s only forum. Be sure to read about other’s successes and share your success too.
PPS: This program is a unique system that I have created and used. Hundreds of people have used this program to create the relationship of their dreams and you can too!

PPS: By ordering this program now, you can get started right away with instant access to a powerful technique that will work from the moment you implement it. So go ahead and order now and be on your way to being in an amazing relationship!

All-digital EFT & LOA eCourse

Attract a Mate With The Power od EFT and LOA
Price: $99.95

Since paypal does not ask for a phone number at checkout and we may be unable to complete your order without proper contact information, please include your phone number below.

Your Phone Number:

Your phone number will only be used for order-related problems and will not be disclosed to any third parties. Privacy Statement


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Dear Anisa,

I ordered your how to attract your ideal mate EFT course online. I've done EFT on and off for years and have had some good results, however, I've never experienced any real breakthroughs. I just felt drawn to your course and started working through the six week program.

Due to a series of bad relationships and a lot of disappointments I had become quite soured to love. I was that person that said, not only did I not believe in love at first site, but I wasn't really sure I believed in falling in love at all.

As I worked through your program I didn't notice any real specific changes immediately. Even after I completed it I felt better about myself, but I hadn't found anyone special.

Last weekend I was sitting at a spa talking a dear friend and discribing to her the wonderful man I had found and what an amazing relationship we were developing. All of the sudden I started crying when I realized that I had said almost all of those things over and over again in my Living Visions. I had in fact manifested the man and the relationship I had dreamed about and when I heard myself replaying my Living Visions, but it was for real, I was overwhelmed with joy.

Thank you so very much for this course. I love you and your work. You have no idea how thankful I am. - Lisa


Dear Anisa:

Many many thanks for your help today. I am blown away and down right amazed at your laser-like focus and ability to cut through the chase. All in 15 minutes block of time.

I am deeply touched by your generosity, and inspired by your enthusiasm.

Thank you for being such a stunning role model.

You are a gem!
- Christine


My Key West Story…

"Although I certainly haven't been consistent with my living visions or daily tapping, when I do complete them, I really give it my all. Anyway, the good news... He's taking me to Key West, Florida! This is huge for us. He knows that I've been wanting to go somewhere tropical and we haven't been anywhere since our honeymoon 7 years ago. Since I'm nursing the baby still, we're taking all the kids but there's family nearby so we'll be dropping them off too :o) Can't wait to get there and just BE in such a romantic, beautiful, easy- going place with him! You can bet I'll be doing lots of tapping to anchor in all of the wonderful feelings I'm sure to connect with just being in that environment. {{ Hugs }}"
- Charise, www.daytradingqueen.com