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Creative Manifesting

The art of creating all that you desire.

- with conscious creation coach Anisa Aven

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eWorkbook and all digital, downloadable audio-course

A 21 Day personal formula for creating on purpose and commanding
the 10 steps to deliberately attract your ideal mate

Written by Anisa Aven, author, motivational speaker and creative life coach. Anisa lectures and teaches on "soul mate attraction" and living life on purpose. She is a success coach, a certified self-esteem counselor and co-founder of CreataVision. Enterprises. She coaches individuals based on her personal experience of having deliberately attracted her husband and teaches clients the tools to deliberately find, attract and keep their soul mate in their life.

It has come to my attention through years of coaching single's on how to attract their ideal partner into their life that certain processes and formulas when applied faithfully can produce astounding results in not only our relationship realm of desires but in our overall quality of life as well. I am so thrilled to be able to share these techniques with you. The fulfillment of my life's path and purpose includes the sharing and development of these life-changing tools that have assisted me in experiencing countless magical experiences, both personally and professionally.

The most fulfilling experience in the world is having a friend or client call me to say, "I've met the one, and I'm so in love."

I've developed a 21 Day eWorkbook that shares the very same processes that I have used in assisting clients to attract their dream relationship into their lives. This 21day program is for you - if you have a strong desire, a passionate persistence and an unwavering expectation that you can attract your perfect partner!

- Anisa Aven

In this eWorkbook and e-audio program you'll discover:

  • The 10 Steps to Attracting Your Ideal Mate.
  • Why Analyzing Yourself is the first step towards attracting an ideal mate, and how to use your findings to increase your personal attraction.
  • How to Define Your Desires to activate the Law of Attraction and clearly identify what you want and command it into your life.
  • Why Healing Your Past is crucial to the Health of your future relationships and how to apply processes to release sabotaging patterns for good.
  • Use the processes to Learn how to Activate the Law of Creation with Intentional Thought and Energy to Deliberately Attract Your Desires.
  • Explore your strengths and personal power to become Irresistibly Attractive.
  • Why you must Give Love in order to receive Love - and how to apply forgiveness to your life to attract more love.
  • How an Attitude of Gratitude can add rocket fuel to the realization of your ideal relationship.
  • How to Monitor your Attraction Meter to know whether you are on target or off target with your goal and with your higher purpose.
  • How to LIVE your desires and why acceptance of others and allowing others to Live as they choose will increase your attractiveness and ability to make your dreams come true.
  • How to Release and Let Go - exercising and applying the Law of Detachment in order to freely receive and quickly manifest your desires.

Included in Navigate Your Fate, Create a Mate 21 Day eWorkbook are the complete instructions on How to use your 21-day eWorkbook to attract your soul mate and how to establish a Creation Routine that will insure your success.
Also included are affirmations that will support you in the renewing of your mind for persistence, being fully present, creating through inspiration versus discipline and for the attainment of peace of mind.
The eWorkbook also uses processes to create solutions before you have a problem and from this platform you will be able to explore the many beautiful experiences that Spirit has in store for you.
This eWorkbook is an experiential process that supports you in taking the necessary time required to focus on yourself and intentionally attract your ideal mate.

Navigate your Fate, Create a Mate all-digital eWorkbook and downloadable audio program

Included Bonuses:

Anisa Aven’s Law of Attraction Blueprint
Olympic Power e-book

Get your special unadvertised bonuses by ordering the Navigate Your Fate, Create a Soul Mate workbook and audio program We also have some very special unadvertised bonuses, but you’ll have to order to find out what they are!

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 An excerpt from the eWorkbook:

"To define a soul mate relationship requires personal introspection to discover and uncover just what the mirror reflection of oneOs soul may look like. But to me, a soul mate can be identified when two individuals have evolved to a place where they meet on equal levels of consciousness; they feel the way the other one feels; they meet on a soul level - where each is naturally uplifted into a state of connection that requires an acknowledgement of something greater than the sum of the two separate souls and a desire to pursue life on purpose - living in light and love - together. "

When I made the decision to deliberately attract my soul mate, I recall having the strangest set of mixed emotions. I was determined but skeptical; adamant but unsure; hopeful but fearful. However, IOm living proof that one can deliberately attract whatever they desire into their life and with focused persistence and patience experience their ultimate idea of love. Now, not only do I have a good story to tell - my friends and family snicker when I say, "I created my husband" but I have also rejoiced daily because IOve been able to share a very important part of my life with my soul mate.

Given the title of this eWorkbook: "Navigate Your Fate, Create a Soul Mate D A personal formula for creating on purpose and commanding the ten steps to deliberately attract your ideal mate;" I have jumped into the 21 day program with the assumption that you know your power or that you are at least willing to discover and explore the possibility of your power.

The basic underlying principles of every famous success program and positive manifestation program are absolutely consistent and I have based this eWorkbook on those principles. I have chosen to illustrate the principles within the pages of the 21-day program instead of describing, elaborating and detailing them prior to their application. I have made a conscious decision to structure the eWorkbook so that it is indeed a "learn as you go" eWorkbook - you will therefore, jump right in and begin manifesting your desires.

I honor you for having the strength of vision and the courage to believe in your unlimited potential. I encourage you to know and recognize your Divine birthright to experience all that you desire!"
- Anisa Aven

Does the above resonate with you? Does it on some level feel like "yes, I know that's True!" Do you think, "Yes, I know I have a soul mate out there and I want to find them." Then order this eWorkbook and begin attracting today!  Use our easy to order online secure form.
The 21 Days is only the beginning and when you participate fully you will be amazed at how quickly changes will occur and how you can grow. I believe in my work and I believe that anyone who follows this system faithfully will be rewarded.

This is why we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee - Forever. If at any time you are unsatisfied with your purchase - we will not ask questions, we will simply refund your investment.

I know that the kind of love that a "soul mate" relationship offers is rare and precious but I also know that it awaits anyone who is willing to believe, willing to apply themselves, and willing to allow it to happen in their life. May you be blessed with this willingness and may you create a beautiful life and love!

Bonuses you receive with your order:

Anisa Aven's Law of Attraction BlueprintAnisa Aven’s Law of Attraction Blueprint: the step-by-step process for raising your vibration and deliberately creating what you want in life. I provide you with a quick link to an Adobe .pdf file of my Law of Attraction Blueprint which you’ll want to print and keep handy whenever you just need greater clarity about what to do to consciously harness the laws of the Universe. Print my blueprint and keep it in your creation journal, because there will be times when you just forget the process or need a more advanced, or intensive understanding of how to get out of a negative spiral or situation. My law of attraction blueprint will help in those moments, so you’ll want to keep it handy.

Olympic Power e-Book - success and power chapters by the best selling authors Olympic Power e-book which includes success and power chapters by the best-selling authors of The Millionaire Mindset, Nikola Grubsia and Boris Vene and the best-selling author of “Spiritual Marketing”, Joe Vitale. (This is a very quick read that is practical and enlightening, you’ll enjoy it!)

  • Chapter 4: The 3 Greatest Prosperity Books of All Time
  • Chapter 6: The 8 Myths about Creating Wealth
  • Chapter 7: Fears: a Detour on the Road to Success
  • Chapter 9: “Energy Marketing” – an Unusual New Way to Attract New Clients
  • Chapter 14: Is Intelligence Necessary to Succeed?
  • Chapter 15: When Athletes and Artist’s Achieve Top Results

... and there's more...

Navigate your Fate, Create a Mate all-digital eWorkbook and downloadable audio program

Included Bonuses:

Anisa Aven’s Law of Attraction Blueprint
Olympic Power e-book

Get your special unadvertised bonuses by ordering the Navigate Your Fate, Create a Soul Mate workbook and audio program We also have some very special unadvertised bonuses, but you’ll have to order to find out what they are!

ON Sale - >$29.95 ($39.95)

Select your payment method:

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