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The art of creating all that you desire.

- with conscious creation coach Anisa Aven

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How to Teach Children the Power of Their Minds (...teach your kids ‘The Secret’!)

How many times have you said, “Wow… I sure wish I had known this when I was younger?!?!”  I know I certainly have bemoaned only about a thousand times, “I wonder how much I could have accomplished, if only I had known about the Law of Attraction earlier?!” 

TeachChildrenLOA Would you like to be able to teach your children to be able to use the Law of Attraction to help them live their best lives?

In my easy to read eBook and audio program, you can learn to teach your children (in fun, creative ways) to employ the Law of Attraction! 

Have you noticed…. When children are encouraged they almost automatically live with purpose, passion, and exuberance? 

This is because they are naturally connected to the wellbeing of abundant flow and possibility; the Divine within is naturally aligned with their exuberance.  Thus, by sharing with them the principles of how we attract and create our realities by what we put our attention upon, you share the secret key to everlasting happiness and success.

Now, I don’t want to fool you into thinking that you can prevent (or even that it’s your responsibility to prevent) every challenge that a child might go through in life.  You cannot and will not be able to interfere with a soul’s natural desire for challenge and growth.  That’s what we ALL came here for.  However, you know what a difference knowing the power of your mind has made in your life to overcome obstacles and to achieve more of your dreams. 

Imagine being about to share this knowledge with the children you care about!

If you’ve discovered the delightful deliciousness of consciously creating and directing your intentions, then it’s very likely you want to share this with those you care about – especially the kiddos in your life!

My simply ebook and audios will support you in immediately applying principles and lessons to start teaching your loved ones how they can use the Law of Attraction to focus their attention on what they want so they can create it consciously!

Hey- here’s the bonus…. you’ll not only help them find their passion but save your own sanity in the process!

You can give your children access to powerful tools that they can use to live happy, fulfilled lives.  When you teach them now, they will have tools that they can use throughout their lives. 

What a wonderful gift!

Children have such active imaginations that they may find these techniques easier to do than most adults!

Here’s a quick example of a lovely email I received from a fellow conscious mother:

Kaya Teaches Mom How It’s Done!
“I wanted to share how fun it is to watch my children attract to them that which they desire. It's bliss watching them be so purely aligned and it teaches me so much! I was writing on a little index card, all the reasons that I would love an RV for our family. I had my "ask and it is given box" out, ready to drop the card in. My 3 year old came up and asked what I was doing. After I explained it to her, she said "Can I make a card?"

She wanted a toy doggie. So, she drew a little picture and then I wrote, "Kaya's toy doggie" beside it and we put it in the box. "Thanks mom!" and she runs away. This is the lesson for me here. She just ran away, forgot all about it, and never doubted that her toy doggie would come. It would have been really easy for me to go out and buy her a stuffed dog, but I didn't.

Two weeks later we went to a big RV show to surround ourselves in the feeling of how fun it will be when we receive ours. There were salesmen walking all around giving balloons and popcorn to kids. Suddenly one of them comes up to my daughter and starts making this little stuffed dog talk to her and gets her laughing and then says "here you go, you keep this doggie." The thing I found really interesting is that she attracted her toy dog related to the RV, which was what I was writing about at the time she came up and asked me if she could do one. It's almost like her little sweet soul was saying, "Here, mommy let me help show you how it's done!" I'll send you a picture of us when we get our new RV!

-Wendy, Ottawa Canada

With my How to Teach Children the Power of Their Minds, you can learn to empower your children with the knowledge and skills that would allow them to create their best lives.

API have two wonderful creators myself, Parker (12 years old) and Ashlyn (8 years old) and they are far better creators than I!

Their favorite 'LOA' exercises are... 'Rain-Dancing' and Creating Treasure Maps....

However, I have to share with you, they too have also been raised in a society that believes in victims, and that it’s acceptable to blame others for our problems.  Even though I teach the law of attraction and have for years, I’m still amazed at how they sometimes fall back into the illusion that ‘it’s someone else’s responsibility to make me happy.’ 

I have learned that I must be consistent and develop meaningful strategies to support them in integrating intentionality into their daily lives.  This quick program shares my strategies with you.  I know you’ll enjoy it, and if not, ask for your money back - because if you're not satisfied, then I'm not satisfied!

What’s inside:

  • Easy and fun ways to teach your children how to use the Law of Attraction in their daily lives.
  • Methods for improving your relationship with your children so you could co-create good experiences together, making parenting easier while allowing your children to use the power of their minds.
  • Ways to inspire your children to use these tools (no matter how old and ‘grown-up’ they are.)
  • Practical steps for teaching the Law of Attraction in a way that they can understand and explore.
  • Games and fun learning exercises to teach your children how they can use the power of their minds to attract what they desire.
  • Creative and interesting ways to integrate these methods into your daily routines, allowing you to share powerful lessons with your children in ways they will easily understand.
  • The 5 tenets that are essential to remember when teaching your children the power of their minds.
  • 7 strategies that will make teaching the Law of Attraction easy and fun.
  • How other parents have successfully used these tools to teach and inspire their children to live life consciously using the Law of Attraction
  • How to use the LOA to attract experiences and things that will enhance their quality of life including educational experiences, better grades, more friends, hobbies, sports, and more!

When you order How to Teach Children the Power of Their Minds, you receive an easy to read, downloadable ebook and recorded audio tutorials with the above tools instantly.

Order today, and you can start using this program right now to teach your children how to integrate the LOA in their daily lives.

How to Teach Children the Power of Their Minds eBook

How To Teach Children The Power Of Their Minds

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