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Creative Manifesting

The art of creating all that you desire.

- with conscious creation coach Anisa Aven

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Vibration Elevation FormulasVibration Elevation Formulas

No matter how many books you’ve read on personal growth;

No matter how many audios you’ve listened to on achieving your dreams;

No matter how many courses, teachers, coaches, gurus and psychics you’ve paid to help you realize your goals;

If you aren’t using my

©Vibration Elevation Formulas

then you’re taking the long road to personal and professional fulfillment.

The ©Vibration Elevation Formulas are systematic ways of intentionally raising your level of consciousness. The formulas walk you up from lower level, limiting beliefs and negative emotions (which prevent you from having what you want in life) to the higher realms of positive, loving vibrational frequencies (which attract what you really want) using a combination of Dr. David Hawkin's ©Map of Consciousness and a slightly modified version of Gary Craig's EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

Learn to apply this 6-minute formula to instantly shift your level of consciousness, stop self-sabotage and empower your magnetic attraction…

The Vibration Elevation Formulas include a 30 page eBook, a 56-minute, all-digital audio coaching teleseminar, and additional audio examples of the process.

Vibration Elevation

Order now and begin today, vibrationally and intentionally attracting the life, love, prosperity, fulfillment and purpose you really, really want. 


Vibration Elevation Formulas
(downloadable eBook + audio files)

Vibration Elevation Formulas

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