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Creative Manifesting

The art of creating all that you desire.

- with conscious creation coach Anisa Aven

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Recommended Reading:

The must-have book of the year: It's an AWESOME book, and if you are going to buy ONE book this year because you want to be successful - This needs to be the ONE... The One Minute Millionaire by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen:

  See what a difference one minute can make

Additional Manifesting and Prosperity books that I've personally found to be worthy of more that one read-through:

The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price

1561703478.01.TZZZZZZZ (2919 bytes) The most inexpensive, effective, & quickest way to build your prosperity consciousness.

The Forty Day Abundance Program within the book has NEVER failed to raise my abundance to the next level, every time I complete it.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

1878424114.01.TZZZZZZZ (2720 bytes) The essential companion for fully grasping the Laws of the Universe.   This is a study guide.

I keep this book close to me at all times as every time I run into trouble, I flip through it to find out which LAW I'm misusing.


Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behaviour by David R. Hawkins

1561709336.01.TZZZZZZZ (2361 bytes) If you REALLY WANT to understand on an intimate level the Truths about how our thoughts create our reality this this book will change your life. 

I have read it slowly, and often and am realizing that everytime I pick it up, I'm getting "IT" on a deeper level.

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherin Ponder

0875165516.01.TZZZZZZZ (2881 bytes) Prosperity - Prosperity - Prosperity! You can reel it in with this book...tons of great examples, and resources for manifesting prosperity. 430 pages!

The Wisdom of Florence Skovel Shinn

0671682288.01.TZZZZZZZ (2860 bytes) This is the book that taught me how to "watch out for the signs of land."

Excellent book!

Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach

0446519138.01.TZZZZZZZ (2321 bytes) Can be a wonderfully freeing perspective!

Stand Up for Your Life by Cheryl Richardson

074322650X.01.TZZZZZZZ (3132 bytes) Great insights!  

The Millionaire Next Door

0671015206.01.TZZZZZZZ (3136 bytes)

It's not a best-seller for nothing.

You want to understand that you are not ALONE, and that YOU absolutely CAN manifest prosperity, but you also want to know that there are practical ways that this must be acheived. 

Simply a good book.

The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom by Suze Orman

0609801864.01.TZZZZZZZ (2913 bytes) There is NO manifesting prosperity without ALSO getting the 3rd dimensional tools for wealth management. 

Suze's book is straight-forward and a very good book.

Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously by Osho

0312205171.01.TZZZZZZZ (2838 bytes) I have to be honest and say that I haven't  completed this book yet.. but what I've read so far is intriguing, and mind expanding.  I like it.
Nourishing Thoughts by Rev. Mary Murray Shelton
Rev. Mary was one of my first teachers on my spiritual path. 

This little book of affirmations is 61 pages, of inspiring words when I can't find them myself.

Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping

0970481411.01.TZZZZZZZ (2849 bytes) Forgiveness taken to the extreme!  If you have been wronged, and you need to take extreme measures to "get over it" - this is the book for you.

If I had NOT discovered Colin's workshop and book (just in the nick of time) I would have manifested some very challenging experiences to say the least!

Excellent resource.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman

peacefulwarr.jpg (2997 bytes) The review on this book at Amazon, says: "A book that changes lives." 

Wow, I know it was true for me, but I didn't realize until reading that headline, that it's been true for so many others.

The Little Soul and The Sun by Neale Donald Walsh

1571740872.01.TZZZZZZZ (2294 bytes)


Although this book is an essential - must-have - children's book, it's NOT just for children. 

If you want to trully understand forgiveness, this book can set you free in ONE reading.  It's only 32 pages, but it's that good and that powerful.

Miracles are Guaranteed! by Bill Ferguson

miraclesguaranteed.jpg (2886 bytes)

Bill, a personal friend of mine, has an incredibly simple but powerful way of teaching you how to create miracles in your life.  He is gifted teacher, and if you are searching for a way to release the "chains that bind you," this book will do it!


How to Heal a Painful Relationship by Bill Ferguson

healpainfulrelt.jpg (3183 bytes)

This is one of the key books, and workshops that helped me heal a very difficult relationship and time in my life.  Bill's work has been a Godsend to all those who have found him.  I can't recommend it enough!

....hmmm... I know there's more... which ones are the ones I really, really want to share with you?.. I'll think about that a bit more.



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