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Creative Manifesting

The art of creating all that you desire.

- with conscious creation coach Anisa Aven

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Anisa AvenAnisa Aven, Law of Attraction coach, CEO of TurnKey Coaching Solutions, a global life and business coach brokerage and management company, author, speaker, mom, athlete and conscious creation student.
To read Anisa's full Bio, please visit here.

Anisa is available for short-notice interviews when her schedule permits. Please
call 281.893.0475 for availability. If you happen to reach voicemail, please leave a message. We will return you call promptly! Thank you for your interest!

Media Contact Information:

Anisa Aven
10924 Grant Rd #512
Houston, TX 77070

Telephone:  281.893.0475
E-Mail: Anisa Aven

Listen to Anisa Aven!

spiritual talk audio

Listen to Anisa Aven on Bishop Wilson's Wisdom Blast.  Anisa talks about
"Understanding the Law of Attraction - How the Bible supports Conscious

Wisdom Blast is a weekly podcast hosted by Bishop M. Christopher Wilson,

spiritual talk audio

Anisa Aven speaking in the spiritual talk radio Isle of LightHear Anisa Aven on The Isle of Light: spiritual talk radio hosted by Chyrene Pendleton: download the mp3 audio file: (listen with your computer's audio player or burn to a CD)

During the show, Anisa Aven shares the analogy of the Rain Dance and the powerful way natives have used this to create rain. She says we can use this technique also in our manifestations.

"If a person can get themselves into that kind of passionate gratitude about what they want as if what they want is already within, it's already here, as if they are tasting that water before it ever rains--that's the fastest way to use the Law of Attraction because the Law of Attraction says whatever you think and believe, you will receive. So if I really accept that it's already raining, the Universe has to respond because it's a vibrational frequency of likeness that it can't refuse."

 Listen to Anisa in the recording from the Isle of of Light Download the mp3 audio file (listen with your computer's audio player or burn to a CD)

Visit the blog, Prosperity is a State of Mind which is filled with tips, articles, links and personal experiences on ways you can manifest prosperity (or anything) in your life, using the Law of Attraction.

To use the Rain Dance to make the law of attraction work for you, please also read our article about Rain Dancing and the Law of Attraction.

video recording with Anisa Aven Watch a video with Anisa

(Windows Media Player needed. Please, be patient, the file is large, it could take a few mintes to download.)
Listen to a clip now on Attracting Your Soul Mate!


Listen to a clip now on Attracting Your Soulmate from Anisa Aven's "Soul to Soul" Show on Scott Cluthe's EvoRadio broadcast on BizRadio in Houston

Listen to a few radio interview samples:

Anisa Aven is the featured Relationship Coach and co-host of the Relationship hour on Scott Cluthe's Evolution Radio show every Sunday, 5 - 6 PM CST on KMSR 990 AM Dallas, Texas www.990Mainstreet.com and www.EvoRadio.net.

Listen to a clip now:

Attracting Your Soul Mate

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four


Anisa was the Soul Mate Coach on the Wisdom Today Show on Wisdom Radio
(clip coming soon!)


You'll need RealPlayer to listen to the radio interview. Download it from the link below!

Anisa was featured on 104 KRBE
Houston, Texas
(clip coming soon!)

  104 KRBE

You'll need RealPlayer to listen to the radio interview. Download it from the link below!

video recording with Anisa Aven Anisa Aven Video Demo

Anisa Aven is a Creative Life Coach specializing in the Law of Attraction and how singles can attract the mate of their dreams. Anisa is the author of multiple courses and recorded audio series on how to apply the laws of creation to attract success, wealth, and happiness. She is the nationally published author of the ‘Ask the Soul Mate Coach' column in single's magazines around the country, author of the 21-Day course “Navigate Your Fate, Create a Mate”, Wisdom Radio's relationship coach on Scott Cluthe's previous Wisdom Today show and worked as the Director of Relationship Coaching for True.com, an online dating company. She is the founder of CreataVision Enterprises, CEO of Turn Key Coaching Solutions and managing partner of the Certified Coaching Registry.

Anisa Aven supports singles in attracting love and couples in re-creating their ideal relationship. Her dating, relationship and get a life advice is unique and cutting edge and is featured across the web on relationship and new thought sites.

She is a relationship advice columnist and dating expert based in Houston, TX. Anisa has over a decade of experience as an advice columnist and writer.

Story Ideas
Anisa is exceptional with call-in listeners and can provide commentary, story ideas, articles and tips about creating successful relationships, dating, online-dating, love, self-esteem and how to use the power of the mind to attract love into one's life.

Idea samples:

  • Dating Do's and Don'ts
  • Online Dating - Getting the most of your online dating experience
  • How to attract your ideal mate
  • Attracting women, Attracting men
  • Forgiving and releasing past relationships
  • The breakup breakthrough
  • Virtual and Online Relationships
  • How to recognize a ‘go nowhere' relationship and what to do about it
  • Self-esteem and releasing abusive relationships
  • The love addiction
  • and more

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